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GEORGE BUSH'S BIOGRAPHY -- Update: 20 Jan., 2015

UPDATE:  20 January, 2015 --   History tells us that until the USA under the presidency of George Bush went into  Iraq with his great follower Tony Blair there was no Al-Qaeda. Now it is a recruitment ground of Al-Qaeda and even worse the IS which is part of Al-Qaeda.

Not only did George Bush and Tony Blair declare war on Iraq under the lie of WMD causing untold death and distraction but also ruined the country.

In Syria they supported the so-called Freedom fighter and later the Rebels who turned out to be nothing but Al-Qaeda and now IS. Both actions brought untold enemies who now aim revenge in the USA and UK.  Bush, Blair and later Cameron build up the IS.

George Bush wrote his biography and excerpts from various headings are as follows:

On Drinking

Laura Bush asked her husband if he can remember the last day he hadn’t had a drink and he couldn’t. He stated that he didn’t drink during the day or at work. He jogged every afternoon but this was only to get rid of the poison from this body.
At his 40 birthday, in 1986, they went for a meal with friends. He and the other friends went louder and louder as the evening worn on. The next day he had a huge hangover but went on jogging to clear his head. Bush admits that he has an additive nature. He loves chocolate, tobacco and booze. He reveals further that he sees the world only in black or white and has an-all-or-nothing personality. For him there is no middle of the road.

On His Mother

He said that she gives out a grandmotherly impression but she is as hard as nail. George Bush calls her a family “enforcer”. He remembers his mother washing his mouth out with soap if he swore but he also enjoyed winding her up. He thinks he is responsible for her white hair. Bush is closer to his mother than to his father.

On Katrina

Bush got the blame for being too slow to react when the hurricane struck in New Orleans in 2005. It killed 1,800 people. He owes up to the shortcoming of the government. He also admits that he should have contacted the victims and to voice his concern. However, he rejects the accusation that he did not care because they were black.

His shortcoming reflected very badly on the Democrat governor of Louisiana. However, it reads as if he is still not aware of his power although he was President for the second time.

On 9/11

According to his own words, the President knew of the first plane hitting the World Centre when he went to visit a Florida primary school. During the lecture, from the form teacher, his chief of staff whispered in his ear: “A second plane hit the second tower of the World Centre. America is under attack”.
He stated that he noticed reporters seeing the attack on their cell phones. He knew that the President must not look shocked. The pictures would go round the world. If he would rush out it would sent a message of panic through the country. He stayed for another seven minutes.
However, the press reported that he looked like a frightened rabbit and took his time was playing for a decision what to do.
This is now my personal opinion. If the President already knew about the first attack why did he still go on and visit a primary school, of all places, during such a world crisis? The explanation in his book is a bit hard to swallow and to understand.

On his Wife

He met his future wife when they were both around 30. She was a librarian and called Laura Welch. They found out that they had grown up close to each other and went to the same school. They even lived in the same apartment block.
George Bush is a talker and she is a listener. He knew straight away she was the girl for him. They were engaged after two months and married in less than four months. Bush believes that his trademark is fast and firm decision. Well whatever, his marriage definitely was.

On Torture

Bush had lawyers investigating the method of torture of the CIA. It is called “enhanced interrogation programme”. They could not find evidence breaching the law to ban the use. Bush mentioned further that the use of water-boarding could be going a bit too far but he did not disapprove. The person is tight to a board and lowered into and under water until the interrogator gets his information. However, Bush justifies it as had he not authorised it he would not have prevented several attacks.
Critics also have a point when they say that the victim could say anything, whether true or false, just to get it stopped.

On Iraq

Bush states in this section that the fight was stopped too early and the reason was that he gave a speech in front of a banner “mission accomplished”. He admits he should have had more discussion with the chief US administration.
He also admits that an error was made about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. At the same time he does not admit that he should not have invaded Iraq under any circumstances.
Apparently, through his action he encouraged Al-Quaeda to move into a country where they did not exist before. He now turned it into one of a major recruiting ground.

The general opinion is, if George Bush just accepted the sympathy which poured into the USA from all over the world, it would have been better. He created a lot of enemies, destroyed all the sympathy with starting the Iraq war. Tony Blair, ex premier minister, made his biggest mistakes involving the UK in the USA-Iraq war and creating enemies which did not exist before. It was also an illegal invasion. It did not stabilize Iraq either.

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