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An Irish statesman Eamon de Valera worked all his life to achieve the independence for Ireland from Britain.
De Valera took part in the Easter Rising in 1916 and was taken prisoner. If he weren't born in America he would have been executed. He gained freedom under an amnesty in 1917 and became president of Sinn Fein. This got him imprisoned again in 1918 but was able to escape. He joined the Irish Republican Army for two years as a guerrilla fighter. He became a Sinn Fein MP and after that president of the independent Government (Dail Eireann), which was set up by the Sinn Fein.
De Valera sent his representative to London and negotiations lead to the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921. He completely disagrees with his representatives having signed that treaty. The Treaty they signed was for an Irish Free State excluding six Ulster states.


He opposed William Cosgrave, president of the executive council of the Free State from 1922 to 1932. De Valera founded the Fianna Fail in 1926 and led his party to victory in 1932.
He ended the oath of allegiance to the British crown. In 1937 he established a new constitution and announced Ireland as a 'sovereign independent democratic state'.
During the Second World War Britain offered to unite Ireland in return of entering the war. De Valera refused and Ireland was neutral.
He stopped payment to Britain and demanded the return of navel basis which were part of the 1921 treaty.
De Valera was president of Ireland twice and he was 90 years when he was president until 1973.
What a man. He stood up and believed in his course till the end. He must have been proud that he achieved it.

SUMMARY:   Eamon de Valera was a politician we all could do with today. He purely worked for the good of Ireland. All his life he did not waver or change but stood by what he believed in. 
If the other politician would have listen to de Valera when they met the English government in London and didn't sign the treaty, Ireland would have been united and never had all that bloodshed and trouble. Even in those politicians weren't as good as Eamon de Valera
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