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 The tribe of Apache is well known and part of the red Indians. They are a North American indigenous people.

They can be traced back to prehistoric times and were nomads on the central and southern Great Plans.  

Between the 9th and 15th centuries the Apache slowly move into the semi-deserts.
As far back as the 13th century the Apache and Navaho raided towns of the Anasazi people.  The area they covered is now called Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. These raids were responsible for them being hunted down.

Spanish explorers recorded the Apache covers countries of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and northern Mexico in the late 16th century.  They had managed to have regular contact with the Spanish settlers by the early 17th century.

During this time the Apache and other people living on the eastern edges of the plains got hold of horses. It started a fierce hunting for buffalos. 

Eventually, the Comanche drove the Apache off the Great Plains. The Apache ended up in the western part by the 18th century. This brought it into confronting the USA continually expanding in the 18th century which acquired the new territories from Mexico.

From 1861 the Apache and Navaho people had to fight the US troops and had to surrender five years later but individual skirmishes continued till 1870.


In the 1880 land which was still controlled by Apache and their famous leader Geronimo stood in the way of the expansion of the US and the new settlers.

Even now, in the 21st century, the Apache are not save from persecution by the US government.

The government is willing to give permission to a mining company to dig up a beautiful stretch of ancient forest held by the Apache tribe sacred.

For centuries the San Carlos Apache have used the Oak Flat area of the Tonto National Forest in Arizona for traditional religious ceremonies. For this reason alone and for its natural beauty it had protection for 60 years but many attempts for mining the land were made and so far have failed.

History shows there are decades and centuries where the indigenous people were abused by various governments.  It is high time the US government stopped persecuting these people.

As always, if it is in the interest of the government US lawmakers with links to mining interest using devious tactics to get permission to mine.

AVAAZ has been protecting local communities right across the world. It stands now by the Apache and started a petition to stop mining in the Oak Flat.

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